All in a picture

Images can be so powerful, as Murcha suggests in this week’s Teacher Blogging Challenge. And I completely agree – as you can probably tell from the number of posts I have done on using images.

So here are another two websites which are great for using images in your classroom.

Flickr Poet

Flickr story

Simply write your poem (or it will work with a sentence also) into the text box and it converts the text into photos. It is fabulous to see the poem come alive with photos sourced from Flickr.

5 Card Flickr

Flickr 5 story

On the other side of this you can take a series of randomly selected images and turn these into a story using 5 card flickr.  On this site you select one picture from a group of five (repeat this to select up to 5 images).  Then you can write and submit a story related to the randomly drawn photos.

Both of these are great tools for encouraging writing in the classroom. You could use both sites – make a poem using 5 card flickr and transfer it to Flickr poet.  It would be interesting to see if any of the same images come up!

How do you use images in your writing?

Do you have any experiences to share from using these sites?