Me vs Dad

“Why would I need a computer?”

My dad is very much a traditional man, living most of his life outside he pretty much does everything himself.  He is a get it done man. No time for thinking about it or waiting for tomorrow.  And he certainly has no time for the Internet or computers! In fact I think he actually believes that they may harm him in some way.

This week I have been using the term dystopian in relation to how we look at technology and the negative effect it has on society.  I am well aware of a utopian technological view (In fact I see through an edutopian lens all of the time!) But it is hard to believe there is such a thing as anti utopian. That would mean the glass half empty!

When it comes to technology I am certainly stand on the utopian side while my dad is over the other end on the dystopian side.


  • I love how my phone takes into account the traffic and my location when it tells me when to leave for a meeting.
  • The last thing I do before I go to bed and the first thing in the morning is check twitter.
  • It is amazing to see the look on student’s faces after connecting with someone on the other side of the world in the classroom.
  • I can get consumed in amazing facts when looking up something on Wikipedia and it takes me on a journey of hyperlinks and knowledge.
  • When I have a question I ask my friends Google, You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.
  • I couldn’t be the person I am today without technology.
  • I may have a slight addiction to Minecraft.



  • Technology makes you less smart.
  • If you don’t know your times tables then you don’t know Maths.
  • Why text something that will take you 3 seconds to say?
  • What would you get me for Christmas if I didn’t have a diary?
  • Why do I need some lady telling me when to turn when I can take one look at the map and save it in my head?
  • You can’t learn something from playing a game.
  • You miss out on the real world when your head is stuck in a computer.
  • You’ll get square eyes looking at that screen.

Dad refuses to convert to a GPS and continues to buy a map, he is happy to receive a text but will not reply to it, his calendar is in a hardcopy diary and he sends out invoices with a stamp and envelope.

So what is it that gives Dad the dystopian view and I the utopian one?  Is it our outlook on life? Our experiences or the knowledge and experience we hold in the area.  Is it influences from the people teaching us or those around us?  Is it the need to survive or the amount of knowledge we have?

One thing I can be pretty sure of – it is not genetic!


He certainly wouldn’t be happy if he knew this was here but I figure I am quite safe!