Help. Feedback Wanted!

I have been dappling with the idea of a scope and sequence for ICT.  My first instinct when I hear the words ICT scope and sequence is to cringe.  I have always found the idea of a scope and sequence restricting and irrelevant but I also understand that teachers have a varied level of competence and confidence in teaching and using technology.  Therefore I have come around to the use of a scope and sequence being beneficial, not binding.

So I started to play around with what I thought a scope and sequence should be.  After looking at some examples I certainly came up with what I didn’t want the scope and sequence to be.

  • A document cut and pasted from various places
  • A reworded curriculum
  • Irrelevant
  • Too wordy
  • Impracticable
  • Only about word processing

Today I finished the first draft of what I am calling a Scope and Continuum. I really wanted it to have a continuum of gradual learning experiences for students whilst retaining scope for it to be used in a variety of ways.

I used Richard Olsen’s Ideaslab White Paper on Understanding Virtual Pedagogies as the framework for online learning as well as CyberSmart’s concepts of Digital Citizenship.  I then wanted to offer ideas for applications for a variety of devices, using different platforms and integrating it with learning systems we have in place in Victorian Schools (The application is a work in progress, as you will see.)

Now after spending quite a few hours in putting it all together I am certainly having second thoughts.

  • Is it too wordy?
  • Have I missed the point?
  • What have I left out?
  • Do the skills and understandings even create a continuum?
  • Is it too restricting?
  • Would it even help anyone?
  • Have I got Richard’s White Paper completely wrong?

And what better way to help me answer these questions than by putting it out to my personal learning network for some feedback.

So I would love to have your feedback.  What do you think about scope and sequences?  Is there a need for them?  What do you think I should take out or include?

You can view the Scope and Continuum here and add comments directly to the document or share your thoughts in the blog comments. And I would love some ideas for applicationstoo!

Handwriting v Typing

I have fond memories of handwriting in primary school.   I still remember my prep teacher showing the class how to write the letters in the air.  Later in school we practised everyday and the teacher would give us a mark out of ten.  My aim was to beat Juliet, the girl who consistently got 10/10 while I only got 9½.


I now wonder where it has gone?  Don’t get me wrong, I still do handwriting once a week. But it doesn’t seem to have the importance it did when I was growing up.

And now comes the question of the 21st century!  With 1:1 technology do we replace handwriting with typing?

One of my deepest regrets is not learning to touch type.  I can type quickly and sometimes I come close to touch typing but I still stand in awe when watching my doctor’s receptionist!  But watching the children in my class, the digital natives, using their index fingers to search for keys makes me shudder.

That’s why I do teach typing in my class.  We use a wonderful site by the BBC in England.  Some of the characetrs have very amusing English accents, but considering most of us were brought up on the twang of Big Bird I don’t think it will harm them too much!

On BBC Dance Mat Typing, you follow the animals advice as they show you the home row and sing songs about the letters you need to find.


It has certainly helped me in trying to touch type and I can now see children finding the home row and squinting to get their fingers to reach rather then searching for the correct key.


What are your thoughts about handwriting and typing?

Do you know any other great typing websites or programs?

Leave a comment.