Help. Feedback Wanted!

I have been dappling with the idea of a scope and sequence for ICT.  My first instinct when I hear the words ICT scope and sequence is to cringe.  I have always found the idea of a scope and sequence restricting and irrelevant but I also understand that teachers have a varied level of competence and confidence in teaching and using technology.  Therefore I have come around to the use of a scope and sequence being beneficial, not binding.

So I started to play around with what I thought a scope and sequence should be.  After looking at some examples I certainly came up with what I didn’t want the scope and sequence to be.

  • A document cut and pasted from various places
  • A reworded curriculum
  • Irrelevant
  • Too wordy
  • Impracticable
  • Only about word processing

Today I finished the first draft of what I am calling a Scope and Continuum. I really wanted it to have a continuum of gradual learning experiences for students whilst retaining scope for it to be used in a variety of ways.

I used Richard Olsen’s Ideaslab White Paper on Understanding Virtual Pedagogies as the framework for online learning as well as CyberSmart’s concepts of Digital Citizenship.  I then wanted to offer ideas for applications for a variety of devices, using different platforms and integrating it with learning systems we have in place in Victorian Schools (The application is a work in progress, as you will see.)

Now after spending quite a few hours in putting it all together I am certainly having second thoughts.

  • Is it too wordy?
  • Have I missed the point?
  • What have I left out?
  • Do the skills and understandings even create a continuum?
  • Is it too restricting?
  • Would it even help anyone?
  • Have I got Richard’s White Paper completely wrong?

And what better way to help me answer these questions than by putting it out to my personal learning network for some feedback.

So I would love to have your feedback.  What do you think about scope and sequences?  Is there a need for them?  What do you think I should take out or include?

You can view the Scope and Continuum here and add comments directly to the document or share your thoughts in the blog comments. And I would love some ideas for applicationstoo!