We have been using a class blog most of this year and I love it as a tool in my classroom.  Recently I found many people have adopted the Project 365 blog idea, where you take a photo for every day of the year and reflect on it.  It started me thinking how I could use this in the classroom.

So I created a new blog, Click: A photo for every school day.

Each morning a sign on the door lets the children know who the ‘clicker’ of the day is.  It is their responsibility to find something to take a photo of and upload it to the blog.  They then need to write a reflection on why they chose to take that photo.

Play Tiff2

In just a week it has been a huge success.  It is interesting to see what the kids have decided to take a photo of and it has them thinking about what they see everyday in a new light.

Each day the “new clicker’ is helped by the previous ‘clicker’.  They help each other to use the digital camera to take macro photos or look  for an interesting angle.  They then have someone on hand to edit their writing and help them upload the photo and add tags.

In the first couple of days the kids had really noticed the changes around the school ground with Spring making its way.  It was also great to see Gryphon take a photo of the Interactive Whiteboard as he saw this as being the centre of the classroom.

Pretty Flowers

I have also been really surprised at the standard of the writing.  The 4/5/6 kids have a good understanding of the global audience they are writing for and have enjoyed the chance to reflect.

What types of blogs do you use in your classroom?

Do your kids use digital cameras?

Leave a comment to share your ideas.

3 thoughts on “Click”

  1. Great minds think alike. I had the same thought when I started the 365 project. It has been hard to keep up and I’m behind but hope to catch up in the hols. If I had a grade I would have begun but when you are here there and everywhere it makes if difficult to manage. I also thought perhaps a 200 pics project Titled – Maths Learning (or something a bit catchier like Digital Bytes)and everyday a Maths pic could be added and blogged about with Maths learning in mind. Imagine the resource it would create.

    So well done Mel, I’d love to come and visit your class one day.

    1. @ Jenny.

      Thanks for your comment. Your 365 project was one of the first ones I looked at and that was where I got the idea. The Maths idea is a great one. I will definitely look into that. It would make a fantastic resources to share with others too. You are always welcome to come and visit whenever you want.

      From Mel

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