I am educator. I am me.

I have been thinking lately about how I conduct myself on social media.  After reading George Couros‘ blog post on Professional vs Private I reflected on my own use of social media.  I too have tended to separate my personal life which generally lives on Facebook and my professional life which predominantly lives in Twitter.  I don’t think I planned it this way but when I first started using Facebook I was travelling the world and wanted to share what I was doing to my antipodean family.  Twitter came a bit later and I was wearing my teaching hat when I fell into it.  Slowly, the lines between the two are starting to blend as my Twitter acquaintances become friends and my friends find Twitter.

I do believe that Facebook offers a false sense of security of privateness where as Twitter boldly puts everything into the public realm.  George stated that he is happy to have students follow him on Twitter as it is a completely public arena, whereas on Facebook he won’t ‘friend’ students.

I agree when he points out that although it is in the private section of Facebook we would be very naive to think it is always private.  It does make me wonder if Facebook too was as public as Twitter whether I would sepaprate the two as much.  Maybe I have learnt skills from Facebook that I use on Twitter?

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I was recently given the advice that I need to draw a line between my professional life and personal life.  I took great offence to this. Education is personal to me.  Even as a young girl I would ‘play school’ with my Barbies, setting up my bedroom to look like my classroom and teaching them how to spell. And today it continues to invigorate me, comfort me, consume me.

I check twitter before I get out of bed in the morning.  I reply to emails or questions at the park on a Sunday. I walk past free postcards and I take a handful as they might come in handy for teaching writing one day. And I am not willing to draw a line between my personal and professional because it would tear me in half.

My  friends expect I am going to talk about learning over dinner  and my students get to know my friends through the stories I tell. I love that I can be there for people who care about the same things I do on Twitter and learn from them, the same as I do with friends I have grown up with.

Being an educator is who I am and I wouldn’t be whole without it.


2 thoughts on “I am educator. I am me.”

  1. The last line is the most important one Mel. “I wouldn’t be whole without it” That’s what makes education so much more than a job. It is our life. It is what we do, it is who we are and it colors everything we do.
    Glad I am not the only person who checks Twitter before they get up in the morning. My grandparents used to listen to the ABC news on the radio before they got up in the morning. I read Twitter. I love the fact that the morning community is often different to the evening community. Perspectives and opportunites to learn from around the world.

  2. Hi Margo,

    Thanks for your comment. It is not surprising that this post has resonated with many. I love the way you compared checking twitter to listening to the radio. As an orchardist for many years my dad would always listen to the weather before getting out of bed, and yes he would talk fruit at friend’s BBQs! I don’t think we are alone in loving our jobs but many believe we are here just for the holidays!


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