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It is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment.  What is Ultranet?  What will Ultranet do?  How will I find time to use Ultranet? Why do we need Ultranet?

After being in England when they implemented their Learning Platform I was amazed at the potential it had but couldn’t understand why it wasn’t being tapped into.  I then questioned why it was so long coming to Victoria.

After ‘playing’ (due to staffing at the time I was unable to do the lead user training) for the last two weeks I realise why we had to wait.  This has actually been well thought out! It has all the elements the Learning Platform was missing! And it has been well implemented.  Don’t worry, I think it has its limitations also, but it is exciting that as of Monday we will all have this wonderful tool at our fingertips.

I have been mocked in the staffroom (in a good way!) of my enthusiasm for the Ultranet.  I admit jumping around and dancing the day I was finally able to get my book and login was probably a little over the top! But I think that deep down everyone is excited about what it will bring to education.

In my time ‘playing’ on the Ultranet I wrote this following piece on my Express Page Blog.  I can’t wait for Monday’s Statewide Ultranet Day and the chance to tap into all of those wonderful resources we have surrounding us – our colleagues. We have talked for a long time about bringing down the walls in our classrooms.  Well the Ultranet is the bulldozer we need!


Well the time has finally come.  I have officially logged onto the Ultranet for the first time.  I must admit that, for me, it has reminded me of being a kid again! Like the time that I counted down the minutes and seconds to my birthday because I knew I was getting a bike with gears, only to end up in tears the morning of my birthday because I had no idea how to ride it.  That is the feeling I have about now.  I have the tool, which will contribute to moving communication in education forward like never before and I don’t know where to start.  I know how to ride the bike (I have had one before when I worked in England for 4 years and I have all of the transferable skills from my blog and wiki). But it doesn’t mean I know how to use the gears to ride it well! Of course, I do as any 9 year old would when looking at the new bike they know they can’t actually ride.  I get on it!  Unlike the bike though, I think I will be able to remain injury free while trying it out. Hopefully!


Are you enthusiastic about Ultranet?

How do you see yourself using Ultranet?

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