I have been participating in a monthly elluminate sessions on the Learning Management System we have in Victoria called the Ultranet and have thoroughly enjoyed the interaction you can have using Elluminate web conferencing.

After the last session I was asked if I would like to lead the next session.  Although it couldn’t have come at a busier time and I actually enjoyed sitting back and letting someone else run the session, I felt it was time to take a risk and jump in.  And I am so pleased I did!

I really didn’t understand how much Elluminate has to offer until I had a go myself.  It was a new experience to go behind the scenes of an elluminate session.  And now I have done it I have some advice for others who are thinking about taking the plunge and having a go.


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1. If you are a DEECD teacher you can access Elluminate and book a room free of charge at the Virtual Learning Centre

2. Join the Educators Guide to Innovation Ning.  This is a great place to find and advertise upcoming Elluminate sessions.

3. Listen to some recordings.  On the Educators Guide to Innovation you can look up past events and listen to their recordings.  This will give you an opportunity to watch how different people set up their presentations and involve the participants.

4. Do the training.  Quite often training comes up in the Educators Guide to Innovation Ning and you can join a live chat.  But if this doesn’t suit your timeline you are best to head directly to the Elluminate Support website where you can look through some recorded training.

5.  Book a room for some sandpit time. You can book a room that is private so you can have a play around.  Doing this with two computers is a great idea. Log into one as the moderator and the other as a participant. You can then see what you as the moderator can do and what the participants can see.  You can even record yourself to check your pace or hear how clear you are.

6.  Be prepared.  The great thing about doing an Elluminate session is no one can can see your notes.  Write notes to remind you of when you have to turn on the recording or what you want to talk about in each slide.  Don’t forget to plan for time for someone else to do some of the talking – this will give you a break.

7. As much as it may make you cringe – listen to your recording after your first session.  This will give you great feedback on how you went and allow you to improve next time.

Elluminate is definitely a wonderful resource and one we can use to collaborate with schools across the world.

Have you used Ellumiate before?

Do you have any tips for moderating or participating in a session?

4 thoughts on “Elluminate”

  1. Thanks for some great tips for using Elluminate! We use the same program in our district, and it’s a great tool for collaborating with others! Yes, the first time you are asked to host your own session is quite nerve-wracking, but it becomes so much easier, it soon becomes the prefered way of meeting! Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Hi Monti,

      I think one of the great things about Elluminate is that is used around the world by many educators so we can include so many people into our discussions or learning. It doesn’t take long to be confident using it and it is so useful, once you begin you would be hard pressed to find a reason no to use it!

      Maybe we will cross paths in Elluminate one day.


  2. Hi Mel, thanks for taking the plunge, having a go at organising and moderating in elluminate. Like you, I took the plunge a couple of years ago and realise now that elluminate and the equivalent tools have a lot to offer for both Professional Development and within my classroom. It was rather scarey for me back then, but have since come a long way.
    After using it with adults for a year or so, I started using it in class and have discovered that students ‘have a voice’! They will use the chat to the hilt, asking questions, providing feedback and telling me when they are confused or dont understand. The quietest students can often be the most vocal in the back channel. Looking forward to working more with you in elluminate.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Thanks. It was your encouragement that helped me to have a go! I look in admiration at the amount of work you do using elluminate and how you have been able to open up professional development with your Tech Talk Tuesday series. It was through this that I participated in my first elluminate session.

      Thanks for your continuing work and for supporting me as I took the plunge!


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