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As a new blogger this year, this is the first time I have participated in the awards.  It was definitely a difficult job and I have spent far too long (especially during the report writing period) deciding from my long list.


Don’t forget you can nominate your own blogs here at Edublog Awards.

Best Individual Blog: Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Kathleen McGeady has many inspirational ideas and discussions on her blog.  I have it in my favourites bar as I am always going to it to find websites, web 2.0 tools or ideas to use in my classroom. It was her blog that started me blogging in the first place.

Best Teacher Blog: What Ed Said

Edna has some wonderful thoughts about education. She inspires me to think about and reflect on my own teaching.  She also has a wonderful humour.  Check out her post on ‘How to write reports….not’

Best Class BlogMiddle Learning Unit BPS

I love their Pic of the Day and Mystery Pic!  The children in this class take great pride in writing posts and I love to watch the variety of videos they have.  You should check out ‘How to make a Pumpkin Lantern’

Most Influential Blog Post: Teachers thinking about learning….

This post looks at how we can step back and allow students to be responsible for their own learning.  This is something I have been looking at closely in my classroom therefore this post was very informative and gave me some great ideas for reflection.

Best Education Webinar Series: Tech Talk Tuesday

I can’t say enough of this series.  If you have not had the opprtunity to join this elluminate session on a Tuesday, to listen to educators sharing terrific practises and ideas in the area of technology, you are certainly missing out!  I just wish it was Tech Talk Thursday so it wouldn’t clash with my staff meeting every fortnight! Luckily it is recorded.

Best Educational Podcast: Edtech Crew

These guys are with me in my car, when I go to bed and when I am doing the ironing! On my iPod that is!  Every fortnight, after listening to these guys, I jump straight on my computer to check out all the great things they talk about or to find our more about what their special guests have shared.

Best Individual Tweeter: Tom Barrett

Tom does a wonderful job using his PLN to share class and teacher blogs.  He uses Twitter to build collaborative tools we can all use in our classrooms such as the ‘Ways to’ series. From Tom, I have found many great class and student blogs all over the world.

Best new blog: Ms Woodward’s Class Blog

Ms Woodward’s class only started blogging in August for the first time and already they have built a fantastic blog full of great posts and interesting web 2.0 tools.

Best Student Blog: Aysha’s No 1 Blog

Aysha does a wonderful job sharing her learning and ideas in well written posts.  This is a great example to any student blogger.

Lifetime Achievement: Linda Yollis

I know Linda has not been blogging all of her life but what she has done for class blogging could fill a life time.  She has set the bar for writing comments and her ideas are used all around the world.  She is always searching for new blogs and loves to share comments with all that she visits, collaborating with classes everywhere. I have learnt so much from her blogging and can’t think of anyone else who deserves this award more!

2 thoughts on “Edublog Awards”

  1. Dear Mel,

    Thank you so much for your kind words about me! I do love blogging! I see so much potential for teachers and students, and I’m glad that it shows!

    Again, I appreciate your nomination! 🙂


    1. @ Linda

      I love blogging also. I can’t believe I had not tapped into this great resource before now. I can’t wait for next year to blog with my new class. After learning so much from the likes of you and Kathleen this year, I am excited about doing things a little differently next time and implementing some new ideas.


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